Review of Paris Attitude, 11 Rue Magellan 75008 Paris, William Ramoino, Sonia Ramoino

We have planned 6 weeks long vacation to visit France long time ago, this is going be very excited trip and we are really looking forward to it. We decided to rent an apartment in Paris for a month. After all the research, we found company called Paris Attitude ( on internet, the apartment located at 11 Rue Magellan 75008 Paris. The sales agent’s name called Elhadji Thiam, and owner’s name was Willian Ramoino (through Sonia Ramoino was the one that communicated by email). We signed the contract with them for a month lease (5/28-6/28/2019), this was the worst travel experience we have ever had, we call it a nightmare. There were issues small, big and huge.

  1. We arrived in Paris on 5/28, there was one building lady named Chadia who checked us in (The owner or agent were not there to handle check-in or check out, this sounds weird), we couldn’t communicate effectively since she doesn’t speak English well enough, she forced us to sign the contract before we were able to check if everything works or not. After the contract has been signed, we found out the internet was not working on our arrival, we reported to company the problems right away, the agent told us we have to deal with landlord, we emailed to landlord the problems, her attitude was horrible, she insisted the internet should work because she paid the bill every month (also she said her previous tenant didn’t complain about the internet). Finally the repairing guy showed up in 3 days later, the repairing guy replaced two broken parts (that meant the internet had never worked at least prior our arrival). We kindly suggested landlord should check this prior our arrival, she sounded very rude and questioned us if we did anything to cause the internet not working. Within 3 days we can’t go anywhere instead we have to deal with internet issue, at mean time we have to use our own sim card for the internet.
  2. The apartment was not properly cleaned beforehand, with silverfish in the bathroom when we arrived; the dishes had visible marks and had to be scrubbed before use; and when we wiped the shelves before putting clothes on, the paper towel came away dark. There were missing basics, such as toilet paper ( we expected buying basics, but there should be minimal amount on arrival, especially toilet paper). The oven door would not open sufficiently to use it, and the kitchen sink faucet was loose, the blinds in master room is broken, some lights were not working when we arrived, we requested to fix these broken items to the landlord by email (no one checked these items with us when we checked in), by the time we left, these items were remain the same.
  3. But none of this matters as much as there was an hour and half of very loud noise from 3am-4:30am most nights from truck deliveries. There is a Hotel La Clef delivery backdoor next to our bedroom. The matal shutters and single pane window did nothing to stop an hour and half of delivery noise. It’s impossible to sleep when the truck was here. My partner went out to ask delivery guy to stop doing this few times during the night and she can’t stop him doing this, and last time she tried to stop him, he attached her and knocked her phone to the ground. We reported the issue to the agent , he told us to deal with landlord directly, the owner’s attitude on all these issues was that it wasn’t her problem. She was unhelpful, unapologetic and insulting. In response to our request that she help us to get the hotel to reschedule their deliveries, she said that we should have known better, she even suggested we complain to President Macron, which gives you an idea of her attitude. She had never apologized to us for internet had not been working for 3 days since we moved in and accused me of playing games when I offered the helpful suggestion that in the future she should check it before a tenant arrives. My partner tried to deal with the hotel if they can change the delivery to different schedule, but nothing happened. We got NO HELP from either agent or landlord.
  4. Because this situation, we have been forced to stay in the hotels for some nights to avoid the noise during the night. We are very excited about this trip and we planned for a lot of activities, but our dream became a disaster instead. We could not only sleep during the night but also the daytime (very loud construction during daytime), and the lack of sleep really messed up activities. We had to spend our vacation time to deal with the company, the hotel, the landlord, the repair guy which we are not supposed to deal with, also we got insults from the owner’s email instead of apologies.
  5. Our flight back to US was very early on 6/28/2019 (7:30am), we asked Paris Attitude ( to send someone who help on the check out, they told us landlord is the only one who can do it. We noticed the landlord we are going to leave very early on 6/28, if she wants to check out, she needs to be here early or she can do it the day before. NO RESPONSE FROM HER!!! We gave the keys to building lady Chadia (same lady who checked us in) with no choices.
  6. From the very beginning to the end on our stay in Paris, the company ParisAttitude, the agent and landlord are totally useless, unhelpful. THEY DON’T CARE!! We can’t image this is the way how ParisAttitude handle the problems, the way how they treat their customers? All they did is take our money away and NO ANY SERVICES PROVIDED. We didn’t over ask anything, all we need is reasonable service but they failed to fulfill their basic services.
    1. The agent didn’t respond when we submitted the problems, all he told us is you should contact the landlord with any issues. Without communication with agent, we sent the issues to the customer service couple of times, they always told us some one will get back to you soon, and we had never heard anyone get back to us on the issues. At this point, ParisAttitude DOES NOT DESERVE ANY SERVICES FEE AT ALL.
    2. The landlord, the way she treated tenant, her careless, her bad attitude with insult language DOES NOT DESERVE RENT AT ALL.
    3. Both Paris Attitude ( and landlord didn’t tell us the truth about the apartment (about the noise), they are suspected of fraud.
    4. For refund, no one did check in and check out with us, no one went through each item with us if they are working or not when we checked-in and checked-out, now the landlord send us the list with deducting our deposit (some we didn’t recognize), it’s absolutely unacceptable.

In all above, who is going to compensate our vacation? All the money we spent for this trip turn to a nightmare. We are physically and mentally tortured and exhausted. That’s why we request full refund of our deposit.

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